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Indie Game Movement

Nov 29, 2022

No matter what platform you use, it’s always a challenge to create any kind of growth with your community. But sometimes, being resourceful, having the right mindset and keeping some information handy can be all that you need to create growth for your community.

Thankfully, Jared Tan shares his experiences, processes...

Nov 15, 2022

Whenever we’re looking to serve audiences, lots of times we find ourselves looking in the same places, just with a different lens. However, sometimes it's worth looking at different places with a much different lens, especially when thinking about the global market. 

Thankfully, Yousif Almouri joins us to share his...

Nov 1, 2022

As a studio, having processes for how you communicate with your audience is always important. However, sometimes how we communicate with players can come off as unauthentic or at a frequency that is just isn’t humanly possible and can set unrealistic expectations. 

That’s why Astrid Rosemarin of New World...