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Indie Game Movement

Mar 30, 2021

Depending on your goals and resources, sometimes your best bet is getting a publisher. After initial talks, once you receive an offer there can be a lot of unknowns especially when it comes to fully understanding how certain agreements can dictate your future.

That's why today we have Tim Bender of Hooded Horse Games...

Mar 16, 2021

Trying to create awareness for your game is always an uphill battle for indie devs, especially when it comes to identifying your audience and how to approach them. But even when you figure those steps out, it’s a challenge to determine the best ways to build upon and improve those efforts.  

That’s why we’ve...

Mar 2, 2021

Supergiant Games has been praised for having a consistent and quality signature across their vast array of games. From the initial concept to communication and gameplay, we want to discuss their standard of quality, and how the ideas behind some of these games grow to become a completely immersive experience.

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